This crazy [talented] crew [sample shown] of ours is the best thing we’ve got—because in every project, they give it all. We’re tied to our jobs, to our projects, to the products that bring them together—but mostly, we’re tied to the people whose problems we solve. We view our customers as individuals with personal objectives, and with goals that blanket solutions don’t meet, and so we cater and specify, accordingly.

It’s a sweet thing, this thing we’ve got. Your challenge cues our passions, and our plan builds out your success. Shall we begin?

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We’re the Utah, Arizona and surrounding states’ office furniture and storage systems provider for businesses and government, healthcare, military, public safety, industry and education markets, and the service professionals in project management, facility maintenance, furniture installation, asset control and office relocation. From start to install and seated, we deliver a customized, affordable, quality experience for you.

…it’s what’s on the inside that counts.


Channeling Office Fun
Inside's our good side, and our YouTube Channel swings that door wide open for viewing! Step inside our own interiors, and watch with us! We do the Harlem Shake (yikes!), we fight with water (and words...and forklifts), and we celebrate 25 years with each other! We show our install crew, our furniture projects and our bright and shiny team. We make fun...and fun of ourselves. It's sunny over here! Join us!
34 Stations | 34 Seconds
We think our install crew is all things wonderful. And we're not alone. They build out offices, configure storage systems, relocate businesses and do it all with strength and spirit and smiles and...and we'll stop. But from other fans: "Can't say enough good things about your installers!" | "Your staff was excellent during the move last night. They went beyond the call of duty and were pleasant to work with." | "Can I just tell you how awesome [your installers] have been? They are so great to work with."  
Work with a Cause

Work with a Cause

Around here, people come first. Your people, our people, the people we set out to help—everyone counts. We seek improvement always—in our way of being, in our means of treating, in our plans for growth. We work so we can give, and we give because we’re grateful…for a workplace with a cause.                                                         In the News: Annual Turkey Trot                         Our Core Values + Fine Print